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Rental Equipment

You can bring your own paintball equipment if you want to. If you don’t have your own, we’re happy to rent equipment to you! Our rentals include guns, masks, all-day air, and all-day play.

Parties For All

We have great group rates and fully equipped facilities for any type of party. Whether you are looking for a birthday spot for your kids or a bachelor party for your buddy, we’re the place for you.

Paintball Clothing

Paintball clothing is a very important part of keeping you both protected and safe on the paintball field. Our paintball clothing and paintball apparel selection varies in price and we guarantee.

Customers Coming Back

Paintball Club of Choctaw is the best field in Oklahoma – come receive a great rate and learn why customers coming back.

The Ultimate paintball experience that you won’t forget.

We accept “Special Bookings” during the week. Please call 405.390.1215 so we can schedule this for you.

Book Online

Paintball Package and Pricing!

Standard Paintball Price: $35.00 + tax

Package pricing includes: Entry, All Day Play, All Day Free Air Fills, Gun, Tank, Hopper, Safety Goggles, and 100 Paintballs per person!

Group Discount Pricing

Have a slightly larger group? Choose one of our packages for additional savings. All these packages will include the Entry, All Day Play, All Day Free Air Fills, Gun, Tank, Hopper, Safety Goggles and the paintballs that come in the package, which will vary depending on how many are in the group, and whether you want the Silver or Gold package.

6 Person Paintball Package

10 Person Paintball Package

15 Person Paintball Package