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14850 E Reno Ave, Choctaw, OK 73020, USA
(405) 390-1215

Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Ideas

You have found the ultimate place to host your Birthday Party.

What are your Birthday Parties Like?

We make planning a birthday party a snap!

A Birthday Party is easy at Paintball Club of Choctaw. It’s what we are known for! We are going to take care of everything to play paintball. Each person will get a paintball marker (also known as the paintball gun), air tank with unlimited air fills, safety goggles and some ammo. Exactly how much ammo will depend on which package you go with.

Can we bring food? Cake? Pizza? Drinks?

YES!! Bring anything you want to make it your party.

Bring in your own decorations, food, drinks (just no alcohol). We sell water, soda, Gatorade, energy drinks, but if you want to bring your own, help yourself. And if you need help bringing in a cooler – just let us know. We have pizza places that deliver to our location, but feel free to use anyone you want! Make it your party!

Can we Reserve a Table for our Birthday Party?

It’s first come first serve!

We have over 20 picnic table and more eight-foot tables waiting for our guest. When you arrive claim what you space you need (within reason). Some people just come play, others want to cover the table, bring food, drinks – no problem! Just bring whatever you want, we’ll help round up all the items you may need to have a great time.

What is the minimum age? And can girls play?

We suggest 6 as the minimum age, and sure girls can play paintball! They do all the time!

We keep the younger kids just playing against other younger kids – so your 7 year old birthday party will not go out against a bachelor party! If you have younger kids – just dress them up with a layer or two and they should be fine!