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Team Building

Team Building Activities & Paintball Events

Now you can book during the week with just 8 people!

Corporate Outings!

If you are in charge of coming up with Corporate Team building activities for your employees or customers in the Choctaw, OK area, it’s hard to beat an afternoon of paintball! Bring the folks together and let them work on team building, collaboration, problems solving and communication skills. The benefits of Corporate Team building Activities and events is why we’ve hosted team building corporate events for companies like Best Buy, Echo Chainsaws, Microsoft, Intel, Real Estate developers and more.

Employee Bonding

Employee Bonding: In the office work place, there is definitely a hierarchy or pecking order. Actually, how I got into paintball was taking the guys from my other company out to a field for a corporate team building event myself. Once out there, the lowest paid employee that sweeps the floor is just as important, or just as feared as anyone on the management team. It really is a great ice breaker between the ranks – getting all your guys or girls to pull together toward common goals. Corporate Team Building Activities featuring Paintball

Employee Competition: Sometimes, generating a little competition between the guys out of the work place inspires a little within. After you watch the sales teams compete all out, a meeting where you explain that you want the same level of intensity in their next quarter can do the trick!

Let marketing take on sales, HR against management. You come up with the teams, or let us group them for you!

Sales Meetings with Customers or Vendors: Can we get any more bored than sitting through another sales presentation in a meeting room?! Change up the next one. Bring your customers in, use our staging area complete with Projector, Screen, WIFI wireless internet, wireless headset microphone and sound system, to show off your new products and services. Then toss them onto the paintball field and let them try to take out their own sales rep. Or have their rep captain the team against the other district. Talk about a sales meeting your clients will remember!

You’ve probably done the company golf outing. Who hasn’t! But there are a few people in your office that are great golfers. And some who have never swung a club. This makes for a real imbalance in the enjoyment factor for your employees. And you are not bonding – you are tearing your group into small teams of 4, and they won’t see each other, except 300 yards away for 3 hours.

Paintball team building events let your entire group interact. Work together on strategies, team work. By the sheer nature of the sport, you will build team communication and collaboration toward common goals; attributes of the sport that will spill back over into the work place.

You Pick the Day and Time for your Corporate Team Building Activities!

Need to hold your team building event on a Tuesday afternoon? Wednesday at 8pm? Or maybe Wednesday morning? No Problem! We are not open to the public during the week and we can schedule a private event at any time. The standard pricing is $35.00 per person including all the rental gear and 300 paintballs each. To open up during non-business hours we have a $350.00 minimum, with a $350 deposit. For example, if you have 30 people that want to play, it would be 45 x 30 = 1350. We would get a $350 deposit, and you would pay the rest on the day of your event. Or if you just have 7 that want to play, you would pay the $360 deposit, and as that is the minimum, that would be the cost of your event, plus any additional paintballs you wanted to buy.

Feel free to cater in any food, and bring in any drink, you want to make it a special day for your company. If looking for some pizza, use the nearby Pizza places Pizza places we suggest, or any that you wish!

Give us a call and we’ll help you organize your corporate team building event today!